Lucky U      Artiste: Nanko
Damn man your life must be so happy
You've got a wife and some lovely kids
As for me I'm trying to look a life
Lucky you you've got a woman to go home to
i've got to find me myself a woman
What I would't do now
Verse 1
Ain't nothing funny sitting there making fun of me
Just because you'vegot your kids and your honey
You'vegot money, damn good for you
Man your life mustbe so happy
Now on the other hand I'm here trying to look a life
Yes!! Get a life having a family would be so nice
It would bring joy to me to find a lady
Who would bring a baby boy for me or a girl for me
Would mean the world
Verse 2
When you reach home you're greeted with hugs and kisses
By your wife and your three lovery kids
Just to see your dinner on the table
Ain't got nothing to worry about  you've got your cable
Damn your life must be so stable
As for me I'm unable disablend
I'm like a fable
Verse 3
Sometimes when I'm passing
I would see you and your family together laughing
I would just stand there and imagine and staring
Right now, I need someone to call my own
Right now , I feel as if I'll pick up the phone and call
And askthe kids if they are all right at home but oooh
Repeat Verse 1